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Focused on you

We communicate and listen to your needs and deliver industry leading response times. Your satisfaction is our most important metric.

We know your business

From Peachtree to PC Law to QuickBooks and more, our staff is certified or fluent in the applications and hardware your office uses.

Here at all times

We can, and will, help your firm run smoothly. 24/7 support is included in all tiers to make sure your business is never left out in the cold.

DakoIT: Managed Services for all business sizes

Managed Services is a better business model than break-fix. Why? How much money does one hour of downtime cost you?

Did you know that 70% of major problems can be prevented with proactive recurring maintenance?

Don't get caught in an emergency! Catch the problems before they become one!

DakoMCE: Embrace the newest computing model


You've heard the buzzwords. You know it can save you time and money. But you're not sure if it's right for you. Can I afford the downtime to migrate to the "Cloud"? Is it secure? Where is my data? All great questions.

Cloud computing is here to stay. It's not for everyone, but if it is for you, it can dramatically change how you do business, for the better. Our DakoTech MCe platform takes the headache out of embracing the Cloud, so you can focus on what really matters: your customers.

DakoBackup: Protect your clients, protect yourself


With the rise of an insidious type of malware known as "ransomware," your networked devices are more vulnerable than ever. All it takes is one unprotected system to compromise your whole fleet of machines.

Once encrypted, there is no good way to get that data back. The only way to protect yourself is with a solid backup plan. At DakoTech, we can craft a bespoke backup plan for your business that meets all of your data retention needs.

Are you covered?


Average cost of a single cyber attack to a small business

Source: NSBA via bizjournals.com (link)


Percent of clients who would find a new lawyer after a data disaster

Source: Cintas via iPost.com (link)


Number of businesses that fold within 6 months of a data disaster

Source: Experian via prnewswire.com (link)

What our clients are saying

"I just want to say that Kevin has been an excellent tech to deal with. He helped set up our initial transfer over to the new server as well as the above referenced ticket and has been helpful and very efficient to address all our concerns.

If all techs are like Kevin, we truly look forward to our new venture with Dakotech."

- Southfield, MI

"Dan - You and your team continue to impress us, thanks for everything."

- Ann Arbor, MI

"Hello, I did receive the message you had called last night. I am happy to report that so far everything is going well with the new computer. I set it up and Dustin was very helpful with the questions I had."

- Lansing, MI

"I have been using Dakotech for quite some time. They have grown as a company over the years and do a great job. They work with several law firms so they have experience with multiple types of case management software, word processing programs, working remotely, etc… I recommend them highly."

- Southfield, MI

"Thanks so much for following up. I'm so relieved to hear that you arrived home safely. I hope your drive was not too harrowing.

Computers are working!  So far, so good!

Thank you for all your work and exceptional service!"

- Ann Arbor, MI